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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00 o'clock, new information in the shooting
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death of a four-year-old girl in philadelphia. police have arrested and charged child' mother. authorities are still looking for a second person. but first, new video of the man accused of of shooting a police officer multiple times in folcroft, delaware county. dante brooks island is now behind bars. the charges he faces plus an update on how that officer is doing tonight. multiple prayer vigils held tonight for 25-year-old officer christopher dorman who survived being shot seven times. good evening, i'm jessica teen. >> i'm ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is outside penn presbyterian hospital where officer dorman underwent surgery. david? >> reporter: ukee and jess, good evening. there's no question this police officer is one tough police officer. he's been in and out of several surgeries today as you mentioned shot several times. he is expected to make a full recovery. meanwhile, his alleged shooter is sitting behind bars right n now. >> i'm shot, i'm shot, i'm shot!
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>> folcroft police officer christopher dorman 25-year-old member of the force called 911 after being shot seven times. once in the face. he was wearing a bullet proof vest. >> i'm shot in the face! i'm shot in the face! >> this has the man police shot and almost killed one of their own. his name is dante brook island. >> dante, do you have any comment isn't island was quiet as police whisked him away friday night to be arraigned before judge. >> he's a drug dealer. he also has been convicted of firearms violations various firearms violations, has been serving a sentence, a long sentence of approximately 15 years in federal penetentiary. >> reporter: he recently got out. officer dorman was on the scene of a drug investigation near this apartment complex on elmwood avenue in folcroft. shots rang around 10:00 o'clock in the morning. island shot at another officer but didn't injure that officer. swat teams were on scene moments
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later. emergency crews rushed dorman to mercy fitzgerald. he was then transferred to penn presbyterian a level one trauma center. >> the doctor said anyone of those rounds on his vest could have been fatal. he was shot in both front and neck back of the vests. >> reporter: tonight members of the folcroft community held a prayer vigil. >> we are folcroft and we must be vigilant f we see anything going on in our neighborhood to make phone call. >> reporter: another group including law enforcement meant to pray in neighboring collingdale. they want to see their friend and colleague back on the street as soon as possible. dante island is facing several charges tonight. two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assau assault. reporting live tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you david. stay "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage. you can always get the latest on the investigation at a mother is facing charges to night in connection with the deadly shooting of her own
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four-year-old daughter. the child accidentally shot herself in the face in inside her north philadelphia home and natasha brown is live at police headquarters with more on these new developments. nashua? >> reporter: we can tell you that 25-year-old shakia holmes faces third degree manslaughter charges is currently in police custody. her boyfriend will be facing charges of recklessly endangering another person and weapons charges as well he's on the loose at this hour. all of these breaking developments happening on the heels of a community in mourning. tears, prayers, moments of silence in memory of a four-year-old girl. >> a mound of ted tee bears surrounded by candles and ups matches of sani helped set the tone of a somber in front of the child's north philadelphia home. >> very sad. i watched little girls play every day. that was just heartbreaking. >> reporter: police say the
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girl was found inside a second floor bedroom in her home on thursday afternoon in the 1800 block of north 20th street. she had a gunshot wound to the head. while neighbors mourned new details were emerging about the child's death. sources tell "eyewitness news" the girl's mother has now been charged with third degree manslaughter and recklessly endangering the welfare of a child. while the child did die from a self inflicted gunshot wound after accidentally pulling the trigger on a 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun police sources now say the mother initially took the child outside and placed her on the porch and told them she fell from the window. she also allegedly told police a stray bullet came from outside the home. >> we can start on the ground just telling people to put your guns away from your children, hide them tonight. keep them out of the way of the kids. >> we love you. we hear for you. >> reporter: the crowd consoled the child's grieving apartment. tears replaced words for the heart broken grandmother. and while there are still
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questions surrounding sani' tragic death children her own age, neighbors and strangers alike released balloons in an unquestionable act of love. >> one, two, three, we love you! >> reporter: sources tell "eyewitness news" that the gun used was stolen and illegal. meantime the mother's boyfriend has been wanted on weapons charges since 2013. that is the very latest for now reporting live here at police headquarters tonight natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. a stunning move great britain voted to leave the european union. >> the decision shocked the world and quickly sent global marks plunging including here in the united states. >> nicole brewer joins us now with what comes next and what brecks it really means for us here in the u. >> that's what lost people are wondering. ukee and jess, britain exit or brexit from the european union made a financial impact right. it even forced prime minister david cameron to step down.
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so how will a vote across the pond wash up on american shores i spoke to financial expert who broke it down. in great britain brexit supporters enjoyed an unexpected political high friday. >> the sound has risen on an independent united kingdom. >> hours later news of the uk's decision to leave the european union accept the british pound to a 30-year low. financial impact felt worldwide. including here in the u.s. where the dow dropped over 600 points. the biggest loss since august. >> when anything takes wall street off guard, marks react very negatively. >> reporter: josh an economist with gentleman lynn ski add advisory group says fear of the unknown trigger the tailspin. >> if people are scared, and they're not going to deploy capital, and they're going to hoard their cash, then you're going to lose what's call the velocity of money. >> reporter: for market val la
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till will the that could keep americans -- he says americans have been impacted by the vote. >> their 401ks may be down as much as 3%. >> he believes they can go down five to 10% in the coming week but restored confidence will turn short-term pain into long long-gains. >> if people don't let the fear get to them they could have great opportunities to buy things at a discount. >> reporter: reverse side of the coin or worse case scenario -- >> if you're un -- fear unraffles the whole thing and it expect then you can have the the french could exit the austria there's really no order and it can just be global chaos. >> now, it could take two years or more for britain to fully separate from the european union. since most people in scotland voted for britain to remain or there's talk that residents there may attempt to succeed
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from the uk. ukee and jess that hopes a whole other -- >> i like the sound of that. >> hopefully it doesn't come to that. we'll see what happens. >> thanks. >> presidential candidates reactioned to the uk's decision today. donald trump was in scotland to reopen one of his golf courses. as official finalized the votes. he celebrated the decision and drew parallels to his own campaign. >> they're angry over people coming into the country and taking over. they're angry about many, many things. >> trump tweeted scotland was going wild over the vote but the return showed scotland voted to remain in the eu. hillary clinton says britain's move to leave the european union creates economic uncertainty around the world. the presumptive democratic nominee says the united states first task is tone sure the uncertainty does not hurt american families. clinton add the uk's vote under scores the need for calm, steady experienced leadership in the white house. meanwhile, bernie sanders says he will likely vote for
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hillary clinton for president in november. tonight he rallied supporters in albany ahead of next month's democratic national convention here in philadelphia. sanders has not formally conceded the race to the democratic presidential nomination. a few funeral service was held today in philadelphia for the youngest victim of the orlando nightclub shooting. the family and friends gathered at monumental ban tiff church to say goodbye to 18-year-old akyra murray she recently graduated from west catholic high school and was a stand out basketball player. the school's president says akyra touched the lives of so many people. >> i hope they understand, all right, the real impact that she had upon everyone's lives young and old. she was a great young girl. >> she graduated third in her class. and was on her way to mercy hertz college on full athletic scholarship. >> funeral services were held today for george bengal the pennsylvania spca's director of
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humane law enforcement. the service held in northeast philadelphia included full military honors. bengal passed away saturday at the age of 69. the pspca stabbed a bengal fund to end animal cruelty in his honor. george bengal is survived by his wife of 35 years works daughters and a grandson. pennsylvania woman facing charges in connection with 12 girls found in feasterville home in denied a bail reduction. she remains behind bars on one hill i don't know dollars along with her husband daniel and leonardo dicaprio plan the men do not have lawyers assign to the case vest investigators say the couple gifted their 14-year-old daughter to kaplan after he helped them out financially. police rescued the teen and 11 other children from kaplan's home last week. >> the death toll is rising in west virginia after fierce floods destroy homes and wipe out roads still ahead tonight how much rain fell in such a short amount of time and the
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latest on the search and rescue efforts. kate? >> and the rain that impacted our area today has finally moved on out. you can see it's clearing out just in time for the weekend. temperatures on their way up and you humidity will start to rise as well. i'll tell was to expect for your weekend outdoor plans. plus a septa driver jumps into action during a purse snatching. why he says he had to protect passenger on his bus. >> and this video will make you do a double like. wildlife officials say this is rear beer runnin running away os behind legs and holding the very thing that it was attracted to. where it happened and a warning for homeowners next. >> the arch and the chef look to take their mainline magic from schill sofa to the nba ben simmons is ready to work for the six social security. we visit with the number one pick. find out what the team has planne
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪
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the death toll from devastating flooding in west virginia is on the rise. authorities say at least 20 people have died and on thes are still up accounted for. severe storms dumped up to 9-inches of rain that washed out roads and homes all across the state. thousands remain without power tonight and 44 counties are under a state of emergency. a fast-moving wildfire near bakersfield california killed two people and destroyed dozens of homes. the wind whipped fire started thursday afternoon and threatened another 1500 home much 800 firefighters are working to handle the blaze and more are on the way. authorities charge a third suspect in connection with the murder of a chester woman. the victim's body was found in fairmount park. police arrested keith bullet of chester yesterday he's charged with smith of south philadelphia and shavonne armstrong of wills bar.
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they killed coy toy bryant over $800 last week. she was tied up, stabbed and shot. bullock charged with conspiracy to commit murder. officials recognize ago septa bus driver for his quick actions after interrupting a purse snatching. take look at this surveillance video. charles another berry flew from his seat to be after the purse snatcher monday the thief struck as the victim was about to board the bus. he didn't give it much thought he pinned down the suspect long enough for police to take him in. >> i think it was my last trip i seen her again. so and i -- the figure thing went through my mind if i don't do nothing schenn got back on my bus, i wouldn't be a able to look at her in her face. i just wouldn't be able to do it. i was happy the fact i was able to face her and ask her was she all right. >> police tell "eyewitness news" the victim will be okay. a bear in washington state gets food to go and walks away on two legs it wasn't all caught on camera. >> at first it might look like a person in bare suit.
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but it's an actual bear helping herself to trash. she walks away and delivers to her nearby cubs. now while this may look kind of funny fish and wildlife experts say it is no laughing matter. >> makes for cool video, yes. is that a cool thing? no. it's not. >> the sergeant also says the resident living here should have kept the trash inside of their home or garage. the smell of food is way too tempting and it's not safe to have bears wandering in residential areas. wow! >> all right. kate joins us now and we are upon the weekend. things are looking good. >> things are looking great. i'll tell you guys if bears start walking around on two legs i'm done. i don't get it. >> yogi. >> scary stuff. i know. >> except they're dangerous. >> very. weekend looking good. we've got sunshine returning after kind of an iffy day today. it all depended on where you were today. north and west of the city, generally dry through most of the day. we had storms pop up to the we have this evening.
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south and east, no, over south jersey and delaware many spots got pretty wet today. a lot of rain especially in southern comer land county. here's hook what's happening right now. things have cleared out and have improved this evening. just in time for the weekend. sky cam thee live over center city. you can see things are looking pretty quiet outside we've got generally clearing skies through the overnight hours. and we will see clouds diminish as we go into tomorrow as well. quick look at storm scan3 shows that any rain we saw earlier has really started to push on out of here. everything has moved over the maryland border and everything has quited down here's a time lapped video from earlier today from middle township high school in cape may core house. started the day with sun and everything changed dark clouds rolled in. we had steady rain right there and then it clears out again before sunset at the middle township high school. here's wide view on storm scan3 showing, again, not a hole lot going on in our region any more. the showers are drifting off to
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the east as that system moves offshore. there's big high centered over the great lakes and that's going to slide in for the weekend. bring us clear skies and pretty fare weather conditions that was the next two days. temperatures right in 67 in he had aring. 73 in allentown. you can see it got warmer to our north today. certainly than it did to our south although rain over south jersey and delaware kept temperatures cooler there. but allentown ended up with a really nice day. at philadelphia we did, too. 70 degrees right now. 68 in wildwood if you're heading to the shore this weekend keep in mind the ocean water temperatures still only in the middle 60s. it's still a little steamy outside current dew point is 62. that puts us generally between the humid and steamy range here, but as we head into the weekend dew points will drop a bit. we're not talking dew points in the 30s and 40s like few weeks ago. but at least around the mid 50's tomorrow which puts us right in the pleasant range. so it's just a gorgeous summer weekend high pressure build buis from the north and west our storm that brought the rain to moves offshore and mostly sunny with highs in the 80s.
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sunday looking just as nice call a copy and paste weekend. both days looking sim similar. sunny and warm on sunday. then monday more humid as this system approaches from the west. this could bring late day or evening shower monday. and possibly a better chance for showers or thunderstorms next sues. so again overnight we're seeing still some cloud cover. the events will start to break up overnight. our low down to 64. if we start the day with clouds which we may in some spots they'll disperse very quickly. mostly sunny and pleasant with a high of 85 degrees here for your saturday. there's northeast wind tomorrow so that will keep it cooler down the shore you get that breeze off the ocean. looking at about 74 with clouds giving way to sunshine. sunday down the shore sunny and nice at 78. and monday looks great. mostly sunny, 79. if you're in the city this weekend you're loving the weather here as well. temperatures in the mid 80s bowl saturday and sunday. monday looks pretty good as well. best chance for thunderstorms returning to the forecast would
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be late monday afternoon or evening right through tuesday. then we're right back to the low 80s with lower humidity by midweek by next week. 85 and sunny both weekend days not that humid -- >> i see a driving range in my future. >> i think so. >> thanks kate. >> all right. yes, don. >> i was thinking we need a nickname for ben simmons. like big ben -- roethlisberger and pittsburgh and kind of made out. >> gentle ben was -- >> work on that. >> that's your homework assignment. sixers with the biggest pick up in 20 years. what ben simmons is saying now that he's finally in philly. the nhl draft is
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still working on that nickname. >> nothing. >> nothing yet. >> maybe we have to see him play first. it will help. >> he has to earn this nickname. >> i'm sure he will. >> the answer was great. >> that was perfect. classic. >> big ben we're looking for something. call you big ben. good okay. philadelphia meet ben. ben meet philadelphia. today the sinks certification introduced future of the franchise and the kid was as impressive in person as he is on film. top draft choice ben simmons introducing to the media today at pcom. get your jersey ready. he will rock number 25. he turns 20 next month but he conducted himself like a pro. i asked him if the entire experience is still surreal. >> of course, yeah, i'm excited to be here. i'm ready to go around town and meet the people. i'm happy to be part of the organization. >> this organization is really excited about you. what have they told you about your role moving forward because
11:26 pm
we heard brian coangelo say listen we don't want to put the weight on the world on this kids shoulder shoulders. >> a lot comes with being the 911 pick. that's always going to happen. overall i want to be a point forward and a leader the team. coming in i'll work hard. >> moving on now. a couple of villanova stars didn't hear their names called like big ben on draft night but they'll get a shot nba ryan arcidiacono two year deal with the san antonio spurs big man daniel chef has caught on with the washington wizards. on to baseball the phillies are on the left coast they're opening a three game series again the giants tonight. not good match up for the fightings san francisco has the second best record in baseball and they've won 12 out of 14 right now they're in the fourth inning but the giants leading one to nothing. all right nnl draft underway the flyers had the 18th pick in the first round. follow me on this one. they traded down four spots to 22 and in the process swapped a third round pick for a second
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with the 22nd pick they selected russian center you are man rue to have 18 years old he needs time to develop he's a very good two-way center. and another flyers news last night the team agreed to terms on four-year contract we defensive guy dove. he was second in the league in hits last year. the contract is worth $13.4 million. close to 3.5 million year. >> you've had time to come up with nickname. >> i've got it. >> here's hoping he's just ben sational. >> okay. >> mike drop. walk off. >> up next, memorial plaque back where it
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♪ earlier this year we brought i was story about thieves who stole a memorial plaque honoring a fallen philadelphia firefighter. >> well tonight that plaque has been replaced. "eyewitness news" at engine 45 for the rededication ceremony honoring firefighter james magee. he died in 1898 when a wall collapsed on him as he fought a four alarm fire. a plaque laid in his honor back in 2006 disappeared this march. the new plaque now has home at engine 45 on west york street.
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don't miss out out laughs coming up next late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james core depth. our morning team is back tomorrow from five to 7:00. for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at >> thanks so much for watching. have a great weekend. good night, family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: all right, time for another show. senator sanders. wait a second. you were my guest on last night's show. >> the struggle for justice. s. i still have a path to being on tonight's show. >> stephen: sir, i'm like-- i'm sorry. that's-- that is just not going to happen. >> too late. here i am. ( laughter ) >> tonight, stephen welcomes kevin hart. taylor schilling. and rupaul charles. featuring jon batiste and stay human.


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